Beaworthy Mira La Luna (in English)

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Mira is truly a breath of fresh air in our family. Lots of speed, joy, sense of humor, energy and passion. At the same time, she has a soft mind, and is easily learned. The first thing we spotted with her was her amazing ability for contact and cooperation. She definitely has an ”on/off button”. Right now as I’m trying to best describe her, she just turned one year old, she has been trained in retrieving, both on land and in water. Mira works very spontaneously, she is quick and has a soft and firm grip with game. She uses her nose and the wind efficiently, and has shown a great skill of marking. Mira is always eager to work with me, and she’s a sheer joy to spend time with.


Our goals and ambitions with Mira

At the age of 12 months, Mira completed the Swedish Behaviour and Personality description test (BPH) with satisfying results and the describer’s summary words ”What a lovely little pearl. You must be really proud of her”. She has also completed  the Swedish Functional Description for Retrievers (FB-R) arranged by The Swedish Spaniel & Retriever Club, also with very satisfactory results.

Mira got to demonstrate her motherlike qualities when she, at the age of 10 months, became the nanny to eleven energetic puppies in the ”Opera litter” of 2018. She went all-in on that mission and she impressed greatly with her maturity.

Despite her young age, Mira recently debuted in a Cold Game Retriever Test in Beginner’s class, which resulted in a 3rd price and very nice reviews. Later this autumn, we will start competing in Obedience, Start class.

Facts & Test results

Pedigree name Beaworthy Mira La Luna ??
Sired by Gleen Mhor’s Gordon The II ??
Out of Tawnyhill Hope ??
Call name Mira
DOB 2017-05-21
ED 0/0
Eyes Clear, 2018-04-19
GR PRA1 Normal (Optigen A)
GR PRA2 Normal (Optigen A)
BPH Completed 2018-06-01 (GRK), aged 12 months
Summary comment: ”What a lovely little pearl. You must be really proud of her.”
FB-R Completed 2018-06-17 (FRK), aged 12 months
Litters Planned 2019

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Completed BPH and FB-R.



Competitions & Tests

Date Competition/Test Level Organizer Place Points Prize Placing Title
2018-06-01 BPH GRK Hundudden Completed
2018-06-17 FB-R SSRK Norrtälje Completed
2018-08-23 Retrieverjaktprov B Nkl SSRK Östra Värmdö 3rd J
2018-09-29 Working Test 2018 Nkl GRK Gålö 86 1st 7th


Having watched the grown-ups picking up for hours, Mira, only ten weeks old, retrieves her very first pigeon.

”What a lovely little pearl. You must be really proud of her”

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